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Bulk laptop purchase.

you may wonder why laptops at laptop are so cheap, we can bring you cheap prices on laptops because Omni Systems purchasing power has allowed us to offer bids on large used laptop lots and purchase used laptop and notebook equipment in large quantities and cheap prices from major manufacturers, therefore being able to pass these savings to our clients and offer laptops at cheap prices

Lower overhead

we try to avoid or minimize corporate politics and costly public relation gimmicks, all advertising is done organically, meaning most customers come by the way of referral.

we also keep everything under one roof, this means more efficiency and tighter control, all this reduces our overhead up to%75 comparing to competition

Since 1998 Most of refurbishment process has been carried in our facilities enabling direct quality control and further reduction in cost of wholesale used and refurbished computers, in house refurbishing of used laptops and notebooks also provide us with large supply of cheap parts and accessories, this means easy and quick access to parts for warranty support and also providing the portable computer market with quality wholesale refurbished accessories and parts at cheap prices.

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