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Wholesale Used Laptops and refurbished notebooks

Wholesale laptop order up to 10


wholesale quantity discount for 2 or 3
we offer 2% discount per laptop for quantity buyers purchasing laptops and notebooks in quantities of 2
Wholesale buyers of notebooks purchasing laptops in quantity of 3 will receive 3% discount per laptop this means on a laptop priced at $1000 you will save $30 dollars per laptop

wholesale laptop computer quantity discount for 4 or more
we also offer wholesale quantity discount for resellers or companies interested in purchasing 4 or mote notebook computers, in most cases we are be able to discount %5 off regular laptop price, whoever if the laptop or notebook is already on a promotional sale or limited time offer sale and or very limited stock availability, then we may not be able to offer wholesale prices at %5 discount, please call us at 1-800-473-7991 to inquire or click on this link to go to our retail canadian website

Bulk and Wholesale laptop order 10 or more

Resellers and corporations interested in purchasing bulk order of laptops and notebook
At laptop closeout.com  we have a special program for companies or resellers interested in purchasing in bulk usually up to a maximum of 300 laptops per wholesale order.
retailers, wholesalers and companies interested in large quantity purchase of used laptops can contact the purchaser at laptop closeout..com 1-416-975-0748 xt-21 with their wholesale request, purchaser will examine and discuss different options available to us, if we can not accommodate you from on hand inventory, we will place a special order with manufacturer, (subject to availability)