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Term of Sale for Refurbished notebooks and used laptops

Payment Methods Accepted 

Payment By Credit cards:  We Accept: Visa, MasterCard and American Express. 

for other methods of payment please refer to How to order section on this site 


Credit Card Processing

your order will be processed and charged By OMNI SYSTEMS IN'L our mother company, you will also receive an invoice from Omni Systems Int'l and Omni Systems Int'l will appear on your credit card statement for this purchase. 
after you complete your order, you will be contacted shortly after via Email with an order confirmation email.

Credit Card Transactions

To ensure safe and secure transactions, we use the highest standards of safety in credit card processing, all processing is done by staff and all credit card information is verified to details with partnership of credit card companies, if your credit card company has any outdated or wrong info on file we or the credit card company will have to contact you to update your account, Please be patient with us as we try to process your order as quickly and safely as possible.

Orders with same billing and shipping info: (U.S. & Canada)

processing on credit cards (if you live in USA or Canada) with same billing and shipping info will be processed in matter of minutes, if your card declines for any reason we will contact you on the same day either via phone or email.

Orders with different billing and shipping info: (U.S. & Canada)

Please note: if your billing and shipping info is different, we will have to verify the billing info with credit card company and have the credit card company get authorization from the card holder himself or herself before we can process your order, unlike most other companies we accept orders with different billing and shipping however to ensure no fraud we are very particular in processing these types of orders and unless we can get authorization from the card holder we will not process the orders.
Please only use this option if you have to (allow at least 1 extra day for processing)
International Orders
Please note: we have limitation in processing international orders (outside U.S. & Canada)
At this time we are only accepting Credit Card orders from western European countries and Australia.
Note: we do not accept any international orders with different billing and shipping address
international customers can still order any item by transferring funds in US$ to the company Account (please contact us by email for details)

All sales through this site/Company are final (no refunds), Returned orders for refund, if  accepted, are subject to a 15% restocking fee plus applicable shipping cost.

Laptop & OMNI SYSTEMS stand behind every product Sold. If we have made an error, we will correct it. All products are covered under a warranty, which is detailed above.  

Call Omni Systems within two days of receipt of order for the following: 

  • Product not as advertised 

  • Wrong quantity shipped 

  • Wrong item shipped 

  • Freight damage 

  • Not satisfied with service or product

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