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Refurbished notebook types

At Laptop Closeout we carry different classes of refurbished notebook computers


FF Factory refurbished notebook computers
FF factory refurbished notebooks are highest grade of refurbished notebook computers in the market, these laptops and notebooks are either new open box , new display units, or new laptops and notebook retuned by customers mainly because they changed their mind after the initial purchase, these laptops have been returned to the manufacturer for audit test if necessary refurbishment and repackaging, these laptops are supplied direct from manufacturer, these notebook and laptops are not considered used, although they may have been used for very shot time, these notebooks generally look and perform just like a new unit and are accompanied by all the software originally supplies, usually the only difference between these laptops and new notebook is in the color of the box, they are usually shipped in manufacturer gray box, ff factory refurbished notebook computers are warranted and supported by manufacturer and there is a minimum 90 days manufacturer warranty on these notebooks.

if you are not sure which class of refurbished laptop you are purchasing please call us at 1-800-473-7991 and we will give you more details

Open box refurbished notebooks
open box refurbished notebooks are notebooks and laptops sold by one or more major north American retail outlets, they may or may not come in original box and usually the maximum time they have been used is under 30 days (within the time frame of return policy of retailer) these laptops are sent to an authorized service center for testing cleaning and refreshing the software, all software is freshly loaded and notebooks are repackaged in original box or special plain notebook boxes, these laptops carry a minimum 90 days warranty and usually balance of factory warranty is valid.

all other types of refurbished used laptops are defined in used and refurbished terms page of this site