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HP Omnibook


refurbished hp omnibook 6100


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Key Model Specifications

 Feature  Large Brilliant Display, fully refurbished (off lease used laptop)

Processor/Speed (MHz)

 Pentium III 1130 MHZ 
 Display  15" TFT - Active Matrix with XSGA Resolution, high definition 1400x1050

Hard disk size

 30GB = 30000mb


 256mb Ram, expandable to 1000mb

CD-ROM speed

 DVD-CD 24x Swappable
 Floppy Drive  3.5" Swappable
 Fax/Modem Speeds  56K  internal
 Multimedia  3D enhanced Audio with speakers and a built-in microphone
 Other  2 USB Port, TV out, two type mouse systems,
 Other  10/100 Network internal
 Weight  5.1 lbs
 Operating system  Microsoft Windows 2000
 Class  Grade A Refurbished off lease used laptop
 Warranty  90 Days from Omni Systems
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Detail Specifications

Refurbished HP Omnibook 6100

As a business notebook, lightweight notebook, or desktop-replacement system, this fully refurbished  Omnibook 6100 stands out. Its Pentium III chip runs at a fast 1.13 GHz, and it comes with 256 MB of memory that's expandable to a full gigabyte. The notebook's large 15-inch screen supports SXGA (1400 x 1050) resolution. An 8x DVD-ROM drive and 30 GB hard disk drive are included, as are a modem and networking support . Yet all these features don't bloat the Omnibook: it still weighs in at just 5.1 pounds and measures less than an inch and a half thick. Loaded with the corporate-oriented Windows 2000, this is one notebook that's ready for almost any business use.

HP Omnibook 6100

processor and memory
cpu 1.13GHz-M, 1.00GHz-M, or 933MHz-M Mobile Intel Pentium III Processor, supporting Enhanced Intel SpeedStep technology
processor cache • 512-KB internal L2 cache
• 32-KB internal L1 cache
memory • 128 or 256 MB of PC-133 SDRAM standard
• Slot available for expansion to 1 GB using optional HP RAM expansion    modules
• Maximum system memory 1 GB (two slots available only for memory    modules; two optional 512 MB modules must be used to achieve 1 GB)
display • 15-in (38.1-cm) SXGA+ TFT 1400 Χ 1050 at 16 million colors
external video resolutions • 640 Χ 480/16 million colors
• 800 Χ 600/16 million colors
• 1024 Χ 768/16 million colors
• 1280 Χ 1024/16 million colors
• 1600 Χ 1200/16 million colors
*refresh rate and clarity may vary, depending on monitor, resolution, and color depth
video card • ATI Mobility Radeon M6-P graphics controller with 4X AGP
• 16 MB of internal video Double Data Rate RAM
• MPEG-2 hardware acceleration
• Dual-display and dual-view capability under Windows 98 SE
• Support for software MPEG-2 and Zoomed Video
hard drive Industry-standard 30GB removable Enhanced-IDE hard drive (ATA 100)
standard Module bay supports:
• Standard 3.5-inch (8.9-cm), 1.44-MB floppy disk drive module    (includes floppy disk drive cable)
• Standard 24X-max-speed CD-ROM drive or 8X-max-speed DVD-ROM    module depending on configuration
optional modules • Optional LS-120 SuperDisk module
• Optional modules: 24X-max-speed CD-ROM or 20X-max speed CD-   RW drive, 8X-max-speed DVD-ROM drive with software MPEG    decoding, combo DVD-ROM/CD-RW drive, Zip drive, 20-GB or 30-GB    second hard drive
audio and ports
audio • 16-bit Sound Blaster Pro-compatible stereo sound
• Stereo sound via headphone-out, line-in, microphone-in ports; two    internal speakers
• 3D-enhanced PCI bus audio with Zoomed Video support
• Built-in monophonic microphone
ports • Two Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports
• Serial port: 9-pin, 115,200-bps
• Parallel port: 25-pin bidirectional ECP and EPP
• 4-Mbps IrDA-compliant infrared port
• PS/2 keyboard/mouse port; supports Y-adapter (F1469A)
• VGA-out port
• S-Video port (composite video with F1959A video adapter)
• Headphone-out, line-in, microphone-in ports
• 240-pin PCI connector for docking
• RJ-11 and RJ-45 ports for 56-Kbps modem/LAN
communications • Integrated US Robotics V.90 56-Kbps modem via mini PCI slot with    wake-on-Ring
• Integrated LAN (Ethernet 10/100Base-T) with wake-on-LAN, PXE, and    WfM 2.0 compatibility
pc card slots • One Type III or two Type II PC Card slots
• CardBus-enabled
• Zoomed Video in lower slot
• 3.3 Vaux and D3 cold wake-up support
power • Universal slimline AC adapter: 115- to 230-Vac (47- to 63-Hz) input;    19-Vdc, 3.16-A output
• Rechargeable 8-cell lithium-ion (LiIon) battery with up to 5-hour run    time
• Up to 8-hour total run time with second LiIon battery when used with    primary battery
• Fast battery recharge: 85% in 1.5 hours; 100% in 2 hours
• Suspend/resume/save-to-disk feature
• Low-battery warning
• Advanced Power Management (APM) 1.2
• ACPI 1.0b, OnNow, and Energy Star–compliant
keyboard and pointing device • 87-/88-key full-size keyboard
• Embedded numeric keypad
• 12 function [Fn] keys
• Dual pointing devices: touch pad and TrackPoint
• Center scroll up/down rocker button
• Four, one-touch user-programmable quick launch buttons for instant    access to Internet or applications
• Suspend/resume sleep button
operating system • Microsoft(R) Windows 2000
drivers and utilities / pre-installed software • 2000-compatible Plug & Play (including hot docking    and hot swapping of accessory bay modules)
• Phoenix BIOS 4.0 release (6.0 code base)
• McAfee VirusScan V5.13b
• Zone Alarm Firewall (U.S. only)
• Adobe(R) Acrobat(R) Reader
• System Diagnostics by HP Diagtools 3.01; e-Diagtools for Windows
• BayManager 1.03 hot-swap software (Windows 98 SE only)
• Sterling One-Touch applet; Presentation-Ready applet
• Touch pad and pointing stick drivers for independent control of each    device
• Online user’s handbook
• Instant Support (NA and Europe only)
• FoneSync 3.1.57 (U.S. only)
• Broadband (U.S. only)
• Intervideo WinDVD (not preloaded—comes with DVD models)
• Adaptec EasyCD 4.03 (not preloaded—comes with CD-RW optional    module)
• Desktop Zoom applet (to resize display view) available on HP Web site
internet and online HP E-center for convenient access to online services (North America only)
manageability features • Desktop Management Interface (DMI) 2.0 compliant
• HP TopTools 5.5 for Windows 98SE/2000 and Windows NT 4.0
• ACPI 1.0
security • User and administrator passwords
• Kensington MicroSaver lock slot
• System and hard drive passwords
• PC identification displayed at boot
• DMI-accessible electronic serial number
• Docking password
• SmartCard BIOS support
weight 5.1lb (2.3kg) - 6.2lb (2.8kg) depending on configuration
• 12.4 Χ 10.28 Χ 1.26 in (31.5 Χ 26.1 Χ 3.2 cm) with 14.1" display
• 12.8 Χ 10.38 Χ 1.36 in (32.5 Χ 26.4 Χ 3.5 cm) with 15" display
warranty • refurbished off lease used laptop with 90 day part and labor
support Customer Care electronic support available through:
• HP Instant Support (Web-based remote diagnostics and automated    resolution)
• Component change roadmaps available through HP’s Support One    enterprise