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Key Model Specifications

 Feature  Wide Brilliant Display, wireless

Processor/Speed (MHz)

 Intel Centrino 1.4 Ghz
 Display  15.4" Wide TFT - Active Matrix

Hard disk size

 80GB = 80000mb 4200 Rpm


 512mb Ram, expandable to 2048mb

CD-ROM speed

 CD-RW and  DVD combo drive internal
 Floppy Drive  USB Optional 3.5" floppy Drive
 Fax/Modem Speeds  56K  internal
 Multimedia  3D enhanced Audio with speakers and a built-in microphone
 Other  Wireless 802.11, USB Ports, IEEE 1394
 Other  10/100 Network internal
 Weight  6.5 lbs
 Operating system  Microsoft Windows XP Home
 Class  Grade A Refurbished
 Warranty  90 Days from Omni Systems
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Detail Specifications

Featuring Intel® Centrino™ Mobile technology options, optimized Compaq Presario X1058 series notebooks are ready to provide you with the performance and mobile freedom you need to accomplish all your objectives.

See more, do more, carry less
At 1.3" thin and weighing just 6.5 lb., the X1058 makes a great travel companion; it also makes an excellent notebook. Features include the Intel® Pentium® M 802.11b/Wi-Fi integrated Intel PRO/Wireless 2100. It's loaded with features to let you discover, create, and enjoy a rich array of multimedia experiences. You get a 15.4" wide-viewing-angle display, ATI® MOBILITY™ RADEON™ series with up to 64MB dedicated graphics, and JBL® Pro integrated speakers.

Start your system off right with Microsoft® Windows® XP
The X1058 series includes Microsoft Windows XP Professional. HP recommends XP Professional Edition for students and PCs on a network.

See the effects of first-rate graphics capabilities
All X1058 notebook PCs are built with integrated ATI MOBILITY RADEON 9200 discrete graphics for a rich visual experience.

Speed system performance with up to 2048MB DDR SDRAM
The quantity and speed of your system memory can impact how it performs. All X1000 notebooks have two DIMM slots for configuring up to 2GB of RAM.

Store more on a large hard drive
Digital photos and videos can take up more space than you might expect. Your Presario X1058 can have as much as 80GB of memory to enhance storage availability. Choose from drives in two speeds: 4200 rpm and 5400 rpm (for faster file access).

Be spoiled by high-performance sound and visuals
X1000 notebook systems feature high-quality, integrated, 16-bit Sound Blaster® Pro–compatible audio, JBL Pro integrated speakers, and a stunning 15.4" widescreen display.

Edit, direct, and produce presentations and more
All X1058 notebook PCs can be customized with a single optical drive. Options include a DVDdrive, a DVD/CD-RW combo drive, or an HP Writer drive with a DVD writer (DVD+RW/+R and CD-RW) drive.

Utilize multiple ports and connectors
The most frequently used ports are within easy reach. These include USB 2.0, FireWire (IEEE 1394), Fast Infrared, S-video TV-out, headphones, microphone, and SD/MMC digital media slot.

 Front Side View  
1. Diplay Latch :
2. TFT Color Display :
15.4"  Wide WSXGA+
3. SD Card slot :
SD Media
4. Microphone jack :
5. Headphone jack :
3.5mm .
6. Wireless Lan On/Off Button:
 Top Side View  
1. Power Button
2. Speaker :
JBL Pro .
3. Keyboard
4. LED Status indicator:
5. Volume Up/Down buttons
6. Sound Mute button
7, JBL speaker
 Right Side View  
1. PC Card Slot
2. (Optical Disk Drive)
 Left Side View  
1. IR Port : Inrfrared Data Association(IrDA) Fast infrared(FIE)  4Mbps
2. DC Power in jack
3. Security slot
4. Cooling vent
 Back Side View  
1. Cooling vent
2. external monitor port
3. S-Video TV out port
4. 2 USB 2.0 port

5. RJ-45 LAN jack : Fast Ethernet LAN (100Mbps, 100BASE-T)
6. Modem (RJ-11) jack : 56K ITU v.92 modem
7. Printer port
8. USB 2.0 port
9. IEEE 1394 port
Operating System Installed Microsoft® Windows® XP Home
processor speed 1.4GHz
Processor Intel® Centrino™
product memory
Standard Memory 512MB
internal drives
Internal Hard Disk Drive 80GB
Hard Disk Drive Speed 4200 rpm
optical drive type Combo dvd & cd-writer drive
system features
External I/O Ports 1 VGA port; 3 USB 2.0 ports; 1 IEEE-1394; 1 infrared port; 1 parallel port; 1 port replicator connector; 1 RJ 11 modem connector; 1 RJ 45 Ethernet connector; S-video TV out; Headphone-out, microphone-in ports
Video adapter 4x AGP Enhanced Video with 3D performance
Display size 15.4 inch WSXGA+ TFT display wide
Keyboard 88 key full-size keyboard
Mouse/Pointing Device Touch pad with on/off and dedicated scroll up/down zone. Volume control and mute buttons
Software Included Symantec™ Norton AntiVirus™ 2003 (60 day liveupdates); Notebook Help & Support
modem V92-ready modem
Network interface 10/100 LAN Ethernet integrated, wireless 802.11 Lan integrated
power supply type 65w AC Power Adapter
product dimensions & state
Dimensions (w x d x h) 357 x 254 x 31.5 mm
product requirements & warranty
Warranty 90 days parts and labor

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