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 Refirbished Compaq evo n600 used laptop


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Key Model Specifications

 Feature  Slim Durable Design, Factory Refurbished Laptop

Processor/Speed (MHz)

 Pentium III 1.06 Ghz 
 Display  14.1" TFT - Active Matrix with ATI Radeon

Hard disk size

 20GB = 20000mb


 256mb Ram, expandable to 1012mb

CD-ROM speed

 CDRW drive internal
 Floppy Drive  USB external
 Fax/Modem Speeds  56K  internal
 Multimedia  3D enhanced Audio with speakers and a built-in microphone
 Other  TV out, 2 USB Ports,
 Other  , 10/100 Network internal
 Weight  4.8 lbs
 Operating system  Microsoft Windows XP Home
 Class  Grade A Refurbished
 Warranty  90 Days from Omni Systems and Compaq warranty ( valid in Canada and USA ) till Aug 2005
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Detail Specifications

Refurbished Compaq Evo N600 Laptop

The Evo Notebook N600c offers a variety of flexibility and performance features and options for every level of mobile business user.

  • Thin and light.  A little over 1 inch thin and weighs approximately 4.8 lbs
  • Long battery life.  Over 4 hours of run-time using Lithium-Ion battery and advanced power management
  • Brilliant display.  Impressive 14.1" TFT display delivers vibrant, crisp images
  • Durable design.  Magnesium alloy and reinforced composite material combination withstands even the most the rigorous mobile environment
  • High performance graphics.  ATI Mobility Radeon graphics handles the most demanding 2D and 3D applications
  • MultiBay.  Accepts removable media drives, second battery, hard drive, or floppy drive
  • Connectivity.  Stay connected with integrated Mini-PCI modem, integrated NIC, or optional wireless MultiPort or PC Card devices
  • Dual input devices.  Convenient Pointstick and Touchpad devices deliver flexibility
  • Global service and support.  Includes a three year, worldwide warranty
  • Factory Refurbished


What's New

  • Mobile Intel Pentium® III 1.06 GHz-M processors
  • 14.1-inch SXGA+ display
  • 256-MB SDRAM (133 MHZ) upgradeable to 1024 MB
  • 16-MB of DDR Video RAM
  • 20-GB SMART Hard Drives
  • CD-RW Combo Drives
  • Microsoft® Windows XP Home

At A Glance

  • Mobile Intel Pentium III 1.06 GHz-M,  processor
  • 14.1-inch XGA display
  • Configurations as light as 4.8 lb/2.2 kg weight
  • 1.2 in/3.048 cm thin
  • 256-MB SDRAM (133 MHz), upgradeable to 1024 MB
  • User removable hard drive
  • Mini PCI modem and integrated NIC
  • Full-size keyboard
  • Microsoft Windows XP Home
  • Includes a Three-Year, Worldwide Limited Warranty (factory warranty till Aug 2005)
  • Factory refurbished ( off lease used laptop ) with balance of factory USA and Canada warranty

What’s Special

  • From 4.8 lb/2.2 kg light
  • 1.2 in/3.05 cm thin
  • Over four hours of battery life
  • Magnesium display enclosure
  • Common docking solutions across Armada E and M and core Evo series notebooks
  • Integrated MultiBay
  • Dual battery support
  • Industry leading PC lifecycle solutions
 Top Side View  
1.  Power Button
2. Keyboard LED Status indicator:
3. Stereo Speakers
4. Palm Rest
5. LED Status indicator:
6. Track point and TouchPad Mouse
7. Trackpoint and touchpad buttons
8. Full size Keyboard
9. Suspend Button
10. Quick lunch shortcut keys
11. TFT Color Display :
 Front Side View  
1. Diplay Latch :
Infra red port
3. Volume Up/Down buttons
4.  Headphone Jack
5. Microphone
6. Microphone Jack
 Right Side View  
1. Security Lock slot
2. (Optical Drive) CDRW Drive
3. RJ11 Modem Jack
 Left Side View  
1. RJ45 Network Jack
2. 2x USB Ports
3. Cooling vent
4. Removable hard drive
5. 2x PC Card Slots
 Back Side View  
1. Power in DC Jack
2. PS2 Mouse or keybord Port
3. Printer port
4. Docking station port

5. external monitor
6. 9 pin Serial Port
7. RCA TV out Port

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