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Key Model Specifications

 Feature  Small light weight Slim Design (off lease fully refurbished used laptop )

Processor/Speed (MHz)

 Intel Pentium III 750 MHZ 
 Display  12-inch TFT Active Matrix XGA Display

Hard disk size

 20GB =20000mb

Memory (std/max) (MB)

 256 MB of DDR memory, expandable up to 1000 MB


 internal CD Drive
 FDD  external floppy drive
 Network  internal 10/100 Network card
 Fax/Modem Speeds  Modem with 56 K V.90 technology internal
 Multimedia  Sound Blaster compatible stereo sound with two speakers and a built-in microphone
 Other  2 USB ports, infrared port
 Weight  4 lbs
 Operating system  Microsoft Windows 98SE
 Warranty period  90 days warranty USA and Canada, refurbished, A Class ( High grade for Refurbishment for used laptops)
 Warranty type  Back to depot from  Omni systems
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Refurbished Toshiba Portege 4000 Laptop

The award-winning Portege 4000 Series platform is perfect for highly mobile customers. With a sleek, lightweight design, flexible configurations, and integrated wireless the Portege is the perfect combination of performance and portability delivering the best of both worlds. This notebook is not only technologically advanced, but its unique style, silver casing and industrial design are sure to turn the heads of any professional. Highly mobile professionals will appreciate its ergonomic keyboard and vivid Poly-Silicon TFT display all packaged in a stylish lightweight design. Toshiba's Portege 4000 Series is the first corporate notebook to incorporate a Secure Digital (SD) Media slot

The brilliant new design includes a large, robust polysilicon TFT display and full-size keyboard, plus a convenient palm rest that puts frequently-used controls within easy reach. The new flexible Slim SelectBay provides maximum adaptability and is common to the Tecra 9000 series. The Secure Digital™ slot ensures state-of-the-art data exchange. The space-saving Advanced Port Replicator offers a complete range of ports and connections. For reduced TCO is it common to the new Tecra 9000 corporate platform concept

 Top Side View  
1. 12" TFT LCD : Active MatrixXGA(1024*768)
2. Suspend Button
3. Power button
4. Stereo Speakers:
5. AccuPoint II pointing device
6. Accupoint Buttons

 Front Side View  
1. Screen Latch
2. Wireless on/off Button
(for optional wireless)
3. LED Status indicators

 Left Side View  
1. Speaker
2. Kensington Lock
3. Cooling vent
4. Power Jack
5. PCMCIA Slots
6. infrared Port
7. Microphone jack
8. Headphone jack

9. Volume

 Right Side View  
1. Battery release button
2. SD media Slot
3. Optical Drive (cd Drive)
4. Speaker


 Back Side View  
1. LAN port : 10/100 Ethernet
2. Modem port : 56Kbps V.90
3. Monitor port :
4. USB ports :

Detail Specifications

Intel® Pentium® III featuring Intel® SpeedStep™ technology
speed: 750 MHz
side bus: 100 MHz
level cache: 256 KB
System memory
256 MB
expandability: 1,024 MB
Hard disk
capacity: 20 GB
Diskette drive
capacity: 1.44 MB
TFT poly-silicon active matrix colour display
resolution: 1,024 x 768 pixels
palette: 16.7 million
Internal video modes
resolution: 1,024 x 768 pixels
number of colours: 16.7 million
External video modes
Max. resolution: 800 x 600
Max. number of colours: 16.7 million
Max. refresh rate (non interlaced): 85 Hz
Max. resolution: 1,024 x 768
Max. number of colours: 16.7 million
Max. refresh rate (non interlaced): 85 Hz
Max. resolution: 1,280 x 1,024
Max. number of colours: 65,536
Max. refresh rate (non interlaced): 85 Hz
ACPI: 1.0b
System management BIOS: 2.3
DPMS support: Yes
Main lithium-ion
Max. life: 3.7 hours
Battery life with optional 2nd battery: 4.8 hours
External monitor
Expansion bus connector
SD Card slot
Fast Infrared Port (FIR)
External microphone
2 x PC Card Type II or 1 x PC Card Type III, memory expansion
PC port expansion with Advanced Port Replicator (optional)
Topology: Ethernet
Speed: 10/100Base TX
Integrated international V.90 modem, 56 Kbps data, 14.4 Kbps fax
Sound system
16-bit stereo
Supported sound standards: MIDI & Wavetable synthesis
Direct 3D sound: Yes
Keys: 86
Euro key: Yes
Windows keys: 2
Function keys 12
Number of cursor keys: 8
Hot keys: 12
Physical dimensions (W x L x H)
270 x 248 x 31/34 mm
Pointing device
AccuPoint® II
Scroll function
90 days warranty (a class refurbished used laptop)
Bundled hardware
AC adaptor
Bundled software
Toshiba utilities and drivers
Special features
Common docking and options with other Toshiba notebooks
ACPI support
SM BIOS compliant
Refurbished 90 days warranty valid in USA and Canada


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